Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Quake 4

My precious little hands got Quake 4 special DVD edition today. Played it a little bit so far. OMG...graphics are awesome. On par with the sharpness and eerie realism of Half Life 2. They also have a Deathmatch multiplayer system simular to that of HL2. Needless to say my FPS roots are happy with this little aquirement of mine. Ryan's basking in the glory of having a wife going googoogaga over a gore FPS. =)

Will write a more detailed review later.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Socom 3 and XBox 360 Fanboys

Now, I understand the want, longing, and covetting for that game that you've drooled over to come out. I've been there, done that. I placed my pre-order, kept abreast of the dates, and awaited my phone call telling me to come pick up my game. Now, that that is out of the way, /rant on...

SOCOM 3 FANBOYS CAN KISS MY ASS! I've answered so many calls, been hung up on several times, and had atleast one person literally scream in my ear, not to mention cuss me out, all over the fact that they could not buy Socom 3 TWO days early. I'm sorry the websites and commercials say the 11th. That's the ship date, idiots. Only major retail markets got it on the 11th. Cocoa, FL does not fall into "major retail market" for Socom. Now, if it was the latest tourist trap item or snow bird accessory, then maybe. Socom 3, I think not.

And while I'm at it, just because I'm a girl, does NOT mean you can look at me like I'm a complete idiot who is bullshitting you when I say, "I was the first to pre-order Qauke 4 at the store, and I've played Quake/gone to LAN parties/ect." Yes, I play games, this does not make me alient. I'm also very much a happily married gamer chick, who at times, is even more gamer than my gamer husband! Anyway, back on topic...

XBox 360 will be out on Novemeber 22nd. No, we will not get them earlier, unless Microsoft decides to grace us minions to Bill Gates empire seeking to controll our souls, with them sooner. Trust me, they aren't dumb. Nov. 22nd is the week of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the biggest shopping day of the year. Not to mention they will be the ONLY nex gen console on the market this year. And lastly, fuck if I know if/when we will get a kiosk in the store. Frankly, I'm hoping we don't. I can just see the fanboys fighting over who gets to play. I can see having to set time limits and beating them away with a stick when it's time to close up.

Anyways, enough ranting me thinks. PFFTTT. And no, you rabid Socom 3 fanboys can not have my Socom 3 polo shirt. MINE!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

XBox and PS2 Power Cord Recalls

This is something we got wind of at work. Hence the links from EB's site. Thought I might make you all aware.

Playstation 2

Katamari Damacy

Well, after poking and proding by friends and co-workers to get this game, I did. It's addictive lil thing. I bet it in a day and a half, it's that addicting. Basically you are this lil cosmos prince, and you have to fix the King's mess up. His mess up being that he destroyed all the Cosmos.

You take your Katamari and roll up all kinds of stuff. The Katamari ends up getting turned into constellations, stars, and finally, the moon. It's very puzzle like at times. There are time limits and restrictions. The most painful restriction are the maps that have the rule of only rolling up ONE of something. It's a pain in the arse! lol.

All and all, this game is cute. Graphics are cell shaded basic blocky graphics, so no super 3d realistic pictures. It's a great way to work out frustrations. More than once I came to an understand of how much fun Godzilla would have had if he were real. lol. Well, off to play the sequel, We Love Katamari. =)

4 out of 5 stars
Some re-playablity trying to max your scores
Stress reliver
Rather addicting!

Sunday, October 02, 2005


Ryan's at work tonight. Got called in. I'm sitting here, rather bored. Tried to play some of my games, but couldn't get into them. Kind of tired tonight. Listening to Phantom of the Opera soundtrack at the moment. Andrew Lloyd Weber rocks. lol. I've learn so much about music and my tastes for different kind of music has broadened so much since being with Ryan. I have work tomorrow night. I'm hoping my manager doesn't get on my case about anything. lol. I have 3 days off work this week though.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Works been a bitch. Things are just crazy there. Needless to say it's stressing my out, and I'm partly glad I have 4 days off this week, 3 of which are in a row. The District Manager cut our stores total hours, and as always, shit rolls down hill. I open again on Saturday though.

Been playing some new games lately, so going to write up some reviews I think. I'm currently banging my head against the wall over Fable: The Lost Chapters for PC. It's the updated version of the Fable that came out on Xbox last year.

Also, on the 22nd of September, Ryan and I celebrated 2 years together. =) Yay! He is back from Navy stoof, but still on a wierd schedule. Got to love the Navy. Nova and Gavin are also getting shafted by rather wierd schedules. Luckily they are almost done with their house stuff.