Monday, January 30, 2006

Shreveport Submarine Search

Now, being born a raised in Shreveport, LA., I thought the only military talk would be about the B-52's that are at Barksdale AFB across the river in Bossier. Never, would I have imagined that there would be a submarine search going on there, but apparently there will be. Seems that Civil War Submarines might be somewhere in the Red River or Cross Bayou. Now, this is totally neat being married to a submariner. *grin*

Link to the Shreveport Times article which I found on the Sub Report. Another interesting part of this all is that it will be backed by NUMA, the National Underwater and Marine Agency, which is Clive Cussler's non-profit organization. After being married to Ryan, I've grown to love Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels.

Apparently NUMA was in Shreveport back in 1999. I most likely didn't even realize or know due to me rarely watching the news when I lived back home, as well as knowing nothing about submarines other than they looked terrifying. It would be rather neat if one of the submarines was to be discovered there. Pretty neat.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dukes of Hazzard

This show is my new favortie thing. I never watched it growing up, as I was only two when the show ended. I got told to watch it when the movie came out and I said the movie looked good. lol. So, I've been catching re-runs of the show on CMT lately. It's pretty good. I'm also in love with the General Lee. I want a midnight blue Dodge Charger please. And none of those new models, classic muscle looks for me.

Anyways, tonight I watched the movie on paperview while Ryan's been engrossed in his new Sniper game I bought him. (Gamer wife point +++)

I will say the casting in the movie for some roles was down right AWFUL. Some of the other casting could be forgiven, and some was alright. So, let's start with a review...

Overall storyline: The show has a very family like feel. Nothing you wouldn't mind your toddler seeing. The movie, far from it. There was more than one naked boob shot. Now, granted, I did watch the unedited version, but from what I heard of the theatrical cut, it wasn't much better.

Bo and Luke Duke: These two are always attached at the hip, so it's best just to leave them that way. The bond between the cousins is there as it was in the show. I will say Johnny Knoxville and Seann William Scott aren't exactly the tv Bo and Luke, they do bring justice to the essence of the characters. They are just a slight bit dummer at times.

Daisy Duke: One big change was apparently Daisy turned blonde. Last time I checked, Catherine Bach was brunette. Hair color aside, Jessica Simpson actually did alright as Daisy. She still managed to be the smarter cousin of the Duke pack. While not perfect, it could have always been worse.

Uncle Jesse: This is one of the castings that I feel was right on. Willie Nelson pulled off Jesse's don't mess with me or my family attitude. I think Nelson was the best casting that was done in the film.

Cooter: Cooter was another good casting, and rather spot on to the Cooter in the series. They even look simular.

Enos: Still geeky. Actually more geeky. Still drooling over Daisy. Couldn't really mess up Enos.

Rosco: SO WRONG. This is the first one of the castings I'd love to ask the director, "What were you thinking?" He has very little of Rosco's dumbfumbling manors and actions. He comes of more snake-like slime, than bumbling idiot as he was in the series.

Boss Hog: OH MORE WRONG. First of all...Boss Hog is short, fat, chubby and round. Not six feet tall and slim and muscular. Burt Renyolds sucks as Boss Hog. Just plain and simple.

So all and all, the movie is alright. Just go into it not expecting the show.