Friday, November 25, 2005

Sheehan and her protests

Here is the latest thing with her: CNN article

I understand that she is sad that her son died. But this woman basically threw away her marriage and the rest of her children to start this protest. I wish the media would stop giving her attention. She swears she is doing what her son would want? Well, I have to wonder if she had any problem with her son enlisting. Cause when you enlist, if you don't realize that going to war is a possibility, then you need to re-think your enlistment. I seriously believe she is dishonoring her son's memory, let alone the memory of all the other fallen soldiers. I also seriously despise how she is using soldiers names without getting their families consent. There was one father that had to pull up a cross with his son's name three times from Sheehan's Crawford protest in August. This woman really just bothers me.

My husband doesn't have a front line job by any means of the imagination. He is a missile technician on Trident submarines for the Navy. He is literally the last one called, and is basically paid to NOT do his job. But I know, if the time comes he, he will do his job. I know if something were to happen on the boat, he'd do everything he could to save as many of the crew as possible. I know if he had to go to the sandbox for some reason, he would. It's his job. It's what he signed up for. I also knew if I did even one shred of what Sheehan is doing, he'd haunt me from the grave.

Just a small rant. So tired of seeing this woman on the news..

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Submarine Life

(This was originally going to be a reply on the Navy group. But I got to rambling so it turned into a blog.)

Fox, you, like MT1 truely have a way with words.

Submarine duty is a way of life. It's also at times almost like a secret society/frat of brothers that understand each other without saying a word once the dolphins on their chests are spotted.

Hell, I'm not even a subbie, just a subbie's wife. Learn to love dolphins, and your shipmates. As much as I hate MT1 going to sea and deployment, I know it's a fact of his job, and it's also deep rooted in his blood. Seems subbies almost have a closer tie to the sea than other sailors. (This is not a dis to surface fleet. Please don't take it that way.)

I know on more than one occasion I've scared people from other services and even people like firefighters and cops when I say 'My husband is a trident submariner."

Tradition is also a huge fact of life on submarines. Pranksters and jokesters are standard on board ship. You also learn to treasure the names like Rickover; Fluckey; and learn the story of the Barb and how she earned a train patch on her battle flag. Also you seem to learn how to talk a chief into dressing up as Santa and standing topside for a holiday homecoming.

Being away from home and lack of communication (especially Trident fleet) is another fact of life. You learn ways around it and how to entertain yourself.

Subbies are just a special breed. Bubbles heads, squids, and whatever other nickname is associated with your rate. You learn to love the smell of amine. You learn that refit will atleast destroy an entire pack of white t-shirts, 1 pair of utility pants, and possible a pair of boots. If you are tall you learn where every low spot is you forgot about since last patrol, and not to mention you learn not to dart up out of bed. (That light grate is a killer..) Also, you will remember sea stories at the wierdest time and for the strangest reasons...

DFB, Boomer Pride, 41 for Freedom, and best of all...Tridents do it deeper..

Here we go again...

Ryan leaves soon. I've got drinks and chocolate. I really need to just quit my job soon. It's driving me nuts. I also hate deployment. Man it's been a rough and long week. Yes, I'm bitchy. Enough ranting for now. I work tomorrow, Black Friday, cross your fingers and pray for me. I'm working the morning shift....

Saturday, November 12, 2005

My Art stuff..

So my muse has long since been kicking my forever lazy ass. If I do end up going thru with quiting my dreaded job, then hopefully I can get back into the swing of art stuff. I signed up for a winter challenge at Norrath's Studio. I still have a piece to finish from the previous challenge. I'm thinking of maybe quitting sooner than I planned, and just delving into my art while Ryan's gone on the op. Who knows. Time to start searching for winter brushes though for this new piece. Man I love Christmas!

Veteran's Day

I know I'm posting this late, but I just found a great article. I could see this being Ryan in old age, remembering the old days of submarine life, while never forgetting those on eternal patrol. Eternal patrol is also the one thing that stays in the back of my mind when Ryan goes out. I never want to lose him to the sea. He loves the sea though, and so, I know, he will always want to be a submariner as long as God will let him. So, without further ado, the article.

Via Navy times

Happy Veteran's Day! My heart goes out to the families of those on eternal patrol or those that have lost loved ones to anyone of our many wars/conflicts. My heart is also with the familes of the people deployed protecting our freedoms now. My prayers that they all make it home safely.